27th April 2011

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I’m alive I swear!

Okay I know I’m not the best blogger in the world and have been MIA for a bit but I’m back baby! I know you are all terribly excited. Well I believe I haven’t posted since the Globes and that was way long ago so faithful readers I will update you on all the exciting things in my life.

So recently I have been getting involved in more theatre volunteering opportunities. I have been really interested in casting and even sent in my first casting internship application yesterday so hopefully everything works out for this summer! I helped “cast” a play recently which means I sent out actor emails and scheduled auditions then checked them in at the door and chit chatted while they waited. It was fun actually because I felt important and had a folder of headshots to take care of. After that I helped out at a general auditions for a casting company and will be helping them out again in June. It was really interesting to actually sit in on auditions and since it was just a general audition they could do whatever they wanted which was fun to watch. I’m not sure exactly where this whole casting business will take me but its fun to just see where I end up for now.

Well I finally visited UNH a couple weekends ago which was super duper fun! I havent been back there for almost a year and it was almost surreal. I know it may sound strange but it didn’t feel like my home anymore, which I guess it shouldn’t but I was there for 4 of the most pivital years of my life so far. It felt different but yet the same at the same time, if you follow that. The drama felt the same and I realized that when you graduate and are out in the real world all the things that seem like a huge deal in college, really don’t matter. I guess I felt like I have grown up I mean I live on my own, pay my bills, have a stable job that yes doesnt pay much but reliable, go to housewarming parties, etc. I really feel like I have changed and realize I may still have more to change but at least its progress. It still felt good to spend 5 dollars and get sufficiently drunk though.

Oh! Also on May 7th I will officially be volunteering for Steppenwolf’s Gala where supposedly celebrities attend and I am wicked excited I can’t even tell you. This weekend we are on a mission to find the perfect outfit since I lack dresses in my wardrobe. My parental units will be visiting in a week and dare I say I’m excited? Since they will be here during the Gala me and the broski are trying to convince them to be our dates for the after party which will be free drinks. They are thinking about it.

So today I watched a documentary called Dear Zachary and have never cried so hard during a film in my entire life. Seriously I highly recommend it and believe it’s better to view it without knowing really anything about it because its more powerful that way. I also recommend watching it alone because like I said I cried during it and I usually never cry during anything. Sure there may be watery eyes or a tear that slips out but this was hard core ugly blubbery crying that would be embarasing in the presence of others. It was so sad and heart wrenching that its the kindof film that leaves you with an impression and makes you seriously question society and how its run.

So thats pretty much my life in a nutshell recently. I promise to be a better blogger and update more about the goings on in my oh so exciting life. Since I know you were all wondering what exactly I had been up to.

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