4th February 2011

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Epic 23rd Birthday Weekend Surprises!

Sooo it’s official, I’m old and I have better friends than you do. Seriously. Well last Saturday was my 23rd birthday but I’ll begin the tale of birthday festivities a week before that actual date. It was January 21st and the night I have been waiting over 2 months for. Britney night. Which Britney do you say? Well the only one that has had a hit record when she was 17, dated a NSYNC’er, married a dancer who now looks like he ate 2 of them and had a psychotic breakdown. I’m talking about the one, the only BRITNEY SPEARS. Who just so happened to release a new single, which they played multiple times, 10 days before this event. Britney night was going to be the celebration of mine and my brother’s day of birth since we are only 2 weeks and 3 years apart and happen to enjoy lots of Britney. This magical night took place at a club named The Call (formerly named The Cattle Call). We met various Chicagoian friends there and partied the night away. Seriously I didn’t stop dancing until they kicked us out. Also during the night we enjoyed various shots and multiple drinks of course I would get vodka diets and the bartender knew when he saw me coming to have it ready. So we made it to the end and were still ready to partay. Fortunately one of my new friends had a car with her and drove us to another little gem of a gay bar named Berlin. If you have ever seen any of the episodes of Queer as Folk this is basically that show. Now it was round 2 of dancing where I accidently punched a guy in the face because I was a fist pumping machine. Around 4 we were kicked out of this bar because it was closing and made it home safely and passed out. The next morning I woke up thankful I didn’t have to work, my legs burning, and finding various articles of my brothers clothing around the apartment. First his scarf and wallet outside the bathroom, jacket and hoodie inside the bathroom and when I went to investigate his room found him sleeping with a shoe in his bed. That’s a sign of a good night.

Anyway I digress onto actual birthday weekend yay. Friday I finally went to get my haircut which I was in desperate need of. The broksi offered to pay for it which was nice and his hairdresser was amazing. Love the haircut I just wish I could style it the way he did.

So I got the haircut returned home to finish cleaning the apartment because for some reason I had to and changed into my trademark outfit. Sweats, sweatshirt and slippers. The 3 key S’s. I was told that I would be seeing a play tonight with my brother which was around 8 so I bummed around waiting for him to get back and debating whether I should pop in a lean cuisine or not. Around 6:30ish I had just started the Bravo Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 when I heard a buzzer ring. It wasn’t my buzzer it was next door’s which was weird because I never hear that. Then my buzzer started ringing about 1000 times and I automatically assume it’s Chris because sometime he does that and I say ‘Hello?’ and hit the listen button only to be nearly deaffened when this mysterious person buzzes again. So I give up and just hit the door open and go to unlock the door. I wait and it was a couple minutes then panic sinks in. Oh, maybe that wasn’t Chris? I locked the door in fear I had just inadvertently let a serial killer into our apartment complex. So I text my brother about this strange occurance then hear a knock on the door. Oh great who is it this time? Another Natrual Gas guy or a neighbor who’s pissed off about something? I head to the door and open it…

OMG IT’S COZ AND ASHLEY!!!! It didn’t even register that it was them standing in front of me I thought it was a stranger who had the wrong door. So I let them in silently praising myself that I cleaned the apartment and my bedroom, even made my bed. I was like shaking because I was soo surprised. I give them the tour and can’t help saying how they are all so sneaky. Since I am in sweats we change and head out for some dinner and drinks, where we don’t know? We take the train and get off at Belmont and wander until we see this bright sign ‘Mi Tierra’. It’s Mexican so we all come to one conclusion MARGARITAS! This place does not disappoint, we ended up getting a pitcher and split Strawberry and Mango. It was the prettiest alcohol I’ve ever seen it looked like a sunset.  

So we all enjoyed our respective meals which were about 2 portions each and digest. All of a sudden I see Coz tap Ashley’s arm and then out of no where have a sombreo placed upon my head. The waiters come out and sing Happy Birthday to me, love it and we get fried ice cream love it more. And pleasant surprise the sombreo says my name on it therefore I will cherish it forever!

We leave with sombreo in hand and head over to Big City Tap or affectionately known as Big Shitty Tap. And let’s be honest it was pretty shitty. Ever since I’ve been in Chicago I’ve gone to gay bars and this was a so-called straight bar and it wasn’t very good. We need some life while we drink so I make a suggestion to head to a very fun bar which is right across the way. Berlin, yep the gayest gay bar I know of. We got there farely early, since it is open until 4. And immediately start dancing and yes the sombreo made it there too. Called Chris and told him to come and he informed me he had to finish an entire bottle of wine but he would be there. It was a night filled with epic dance moves and experiences to be remembered forever. We all made it home safely, including the sombreo and immediately pass out.

Saturday yay actual birthday day! Got up relatively early for spending a night out drinking and get ready for some delicious brunch. Coz’s sister was going to drive us but found herself slightly ‘under the weather’ and could not attend. We head out to find this place called The Bongo Room which was off the blue line, ergo far from mi casa. We made it there about 11ish and put in our name and then go shop while we wait. We went to a little coffee place with delicious hot chocolate and had all this cool movie memorabilia which I was a fan of. Then we go to eat. Omg this food was amazing. They let you get one pancake so me and Coz shared  an Oreo banana pancake, white chocolate caramel pancake, and a cruisant veggie sandwich. Ash got eggwhites and chicken I believe, something healthy. The table barely had enough room for all of our food we had to utilize shelves.

With our bellies full we set off around to do a little shopping to burn off what we just ate. We come home around 5ish, I jump in the shower and we watch a movie. Chris returns from rehearsal and then we set off for bday dinner! We went to Due which is the second Uno’s restaurant which is across from where it all started. It was smaller than I imagined and incredibly hot. Our waitress was a disillusioned black lady and almost gave away our pizza orders to a table behind us. We got spinach and broccoli deepdish and bbq chicken deepdish, ashley got a salad typical. Unfortunately the food didn’t settle well in my stomach and we had to make a stop for Pepto which helped. Then we were off to Sidetracks, the classy gay bar. It was packed we had a couple drinks, saw a creepy music video and had fun.

Whew Sunday. This time Coz’s sister was ‘feeling better’ and picked us up for brunch. We wet to Ann Sather’s a delicious brunch place known for their cinnamon buns. Surprisenly we all made healthyish decisions and all successfully avoided the cinnamon buns. Then Michelle dropped us off at Trader Joe’s and we went grocery shopping. Got all our necessary supplies and headed home on the train. Once we got home we set to work on dinner and when I say we I totally mean Ash and Coz because I am useless in a kitchen. Our dinner for the evening consisted of turkey chili, fondue, bread, hummus and veggies, guacamole and chips which chris got from a friend at a rehearsal and for dessert ice cream sandwiches which we made from mint ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. We watch more movies and wait while the chili cooks. Chris comes home with the guac and all this workout stuff and we decide to do a P90X workout. Holy crap that was intense. But we finish and that meant it was time for food! So we prepare our feast and settle down to watch the SAG Awards which were good no real surprises but good.  The food was delicious I couldnt get enough of it. We watch some Modern Family the it’s bed time because Ash and Coz have a very early flight to catch.

I wake up at 430 because they are leaving around 5 and in my sleepy haze watch them finish packing and getting ready. It is time for them to go and it’s very sad for me. It was such a fun exciting weekend and with them leaving means its back to reality and data entry. It was one of the best birthday’s I have ever had and  I was completely shocked and surprised that they were there! Sneaky friends.

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